Version 0.46 Released
Posted on 2021-11-11 12:08:11
Play! v0.46 is now available. Here's what's new in this build:

- Compatibility fixes: Okage: The Shadow King and Way of the Samurai now go in-game. Kya Dark Lineage now goes in menus.
- Fixed colors in Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Rally Championship 95 in Vulkan GS handler.
- Linux: Fixed issues with controller support.
- Win32: Don't use SIMD optimized texture update routines if SSSE3 is not available (and prevent crashing).
- Desktop: Fixed Vulkan GS handler being available even though fragment shader interlock extension was not available.
- Android: Built using Android 11 (SDK 30) target. This means the 'Play Data Files' folder has been moved to the app's internal data folder. A migration system is available to move your files from the old folder to the new location. Please note that from now on, uninstalling the app will remove all of its data (memory card and save states).
- Android: "Add Folder" feature for Android 11 devices. You can select a folder that contains your PS2 games to be added to the emulator. Full device scanning is still available for Android 10 and below.
- iOS: Improved feedback of game scanning process to prevent users from facing a black screen when they launch the emulator.

Grab the the build on the downloads page. Enjoy!