Weekly Build - 2016-01-03
Posted on 2016-01-03 19:15:56
Happy New Year everyone! Time for a new build! Here's the list of changes that have been done:

- Slightly changed the way video output of Snowblind games is handled to fix video issues with some games (ie.: Dragon Quest 8, Resident Evil 4).
- Interlaced output is now handled at presentation phase. This fixes issues with some games (ie.: Dark Cloud) but reduces the video quality of the games that use interlaced video. This is temporary till high resolution video output is implemented.
- Improved accuracy of some blending modes (ie.: Half Life's light mapping).
- Minor compatibility fixes (ie.: Shadow of the Colossus now shows something, but still doesn't go past loading screen).
- [Android] Fixed issue preventing games (ie.: Persona 4) from showing something on some Adreno 3xx devices.
- [Android] Downgraded target SDK to android-22 to prevent issues running on Android 6 (Permissions were not handled properly).
- [Android & iOS] AArch64 (ARM64) support. Gives up to 25% speed increase on devices supporting this architecture.

Grab the latest weekly build on the weekly build repository. Enjoy!